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88A-90 Riverstone Road, RIVERSTONE, NSW, 2765

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Property Description

Welcome to Riverstone Road Estate Riverstone

Riverstone provides excellent local amenities which are already in place, with easy travel in all directions allowing you to stay close to family and work and the places you love.


Riverstone - Vineyard is bounded by Windsor Road in the north and east, Guntawong Road, a line running continuously of Guntawong Road, Kensington Park Road and Burfitt Road in the south and Clifton Road, Corcoran Street, Penrase Street, Walker Parade, Park Road, the locality of Marsden Park, South Creek (Wianamatta) and Bandon Road in the west.


Riverstone is situated between the Richmond Road running from Blacktown to Richmond, and the Windsor Road running from Windsor to North Parramatta.


Riverstone features two public schools: Riverstone High School and Riverstone Public School. It also has three private schools: Norwest Christian College (formerly known as Coverdale Christian School), St Johns Catholic School, and Australian Christian College. Australian Christian College has two components: the on-campus day school and the distance education school, which serves home-educated students across New South Wales.


Local shopping is catered for in areas including Riverstone Marketown Shopping Centre.

Most shopping is concentrated around the railway station and can be found at centers including:

Riverstone Market Town

Westfields Blacktown

Property Data

  • Strategy Type: House & Land Packages Real Estate
  • Property Type: Project
  • Date Listed: 04-05-2021
  • Property Id: 10612

Property Type Lot No Land Area Int Area Ext Area Total Floor Area Land Price Build Price Total Price Status
House Lot 15 3 2 1 276.5 m2 123.08 m2 $485,000 $292,605 $777,605


Land Reg Date: 21-02-2021